Happily This Christmas (Happily Inc #6) by Susan Mallery

            All thoughts of Kyle fled as she checked her pocket for the small cloth bag tucked there, before walking directly to the DJ.

            “Stephanie,” Kyle said, his tone low and suggestive, as he closed in behind her.

            She didn’t bother looking at him as she said, “Not now.”

            When she reached the stage, she smiled at the DJ. “Ready.”

            He gradually lowered the volume of the music, then handed her the microphone. All the guests turned toward the small platform.

            “If I can have your attention for just another moment,” she said, looking at Giorgio, who appeared incredibly calm, despite the momentousness of the occasion. “A certain gentleman would like to have a word with his very special lady.”

            She passed both the microphone and small cloth bag to him, then stepped back into the crowd that had gathered.

            Avery, her sixteen-year-old daughter, slid in beside her. “What’s going on?”

            “Watch. It’s going to be epic.”

            Avery sighed. “Mom, I’ve talked to you about trying to use slang. It’s not a good look.”

            “I just do it to annoy you.”

            They linked arms and leaned in to each other. Stephanie didn’t care if the word was too young for her. It was perfect—because this was going to be 100 percent epic. She could feel it in her gut.

            The Vineyard at Painted Moon

            by Susan Mallery

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            Happily This Christmas

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