Plunder Down Below by Lucee Joie


Mabel’s potential earnings: 50 dubloons

Currently in her purse: 3 frenks and 7 trading shells

The ocean is calm today and I can see blue above indicating that no clouds gather overhead. Of late, there has been nothing but storms on the peninsula. Grey clouds depositing deluge after deluge of rain and terrible winds have helped to create a vortex under the water.

I have had to slink back to my cave more times than I have tentacles over the last month.

But now I am floating, all my appendages drifting out around me in the salty brine as the gentle current supports me. It is bliss, or as close to it as a creature such as me can achieve.

Cursed, I am called.

And, cursed I am.

Although, for entirely different reasons.

The humans that live nearby call me that for plundering their livestock but I have had no choice while the harsh winter keeps me confined to this bay. Every time I have ventured out to take what I need from the ocean, the treacherous rip has pulled me under, dragging me back to the shelter of my cave. While I can fight it when I want to, the creatures smaller than me cannot so I live in a veritable wasteland when it comes to food.

I have had little choice but to drag the land beasts out to their death so that I can live.

Although, what sort of an existence is this?

I have been cursed.

I do not know when and I do not know why.

Although, the woman who comes for me is my salvation.

Yet, I have no idea how I know that.

Ever since I smelled the heady aroma of her on the shores, I am sure that we are fated to meet.

She also smells of death and destruction but sometimes that can be a good thing. Everything dies in order for everything to live again. It is the circle of life and I am happy to be a part of it, no matter its form.

The only question that remains is will this woman be a part of my destruction or my rebirth?