Reassured Love by Jade Royal

Chapter 1: Tye

Avery Ekon needed to die. Those were my boss's words to me a few weeks ago and I haven’t been able to forget the conviction in his voice when he said it. Soren was still hurting from when his brother Khari had been shot. It made sense that he wanted the man responsible for the injury to die. I’d been the person to lead him in the direction of another person in on it. Nobody had seen that fool in weeks. He was likely dead.

Avery was a difficult man to find, so I’d taken to looking for his men instead. Eventually, they’d lead me to where I needed to be. Avery’s front door.

The guy I was following now was Jimmy. I'd seen him pick up money from some of the boys I knew worked for Avery. I'm not talking corner boys, more like the owners of liquor stores, cafés, and shoe stores. They had to be cleaning money for him or receiving drop-offs from the small timers. Jimmy collected that and fed it through the channels which made him a good starting point.

Now, he was parking in a lot for Sindicate Towers. I didn't have access to the private areas but it didn’t look like he did either. He went through the front door and when I followed he took the side elevator. I watched as the numbers outside the elevator reached the top floor and then I climbed into one to follow him up. He was going to Club Curve, a strip club where all the bitches had ass and titties. No disrespect but they must've snagged every bad bitch in the area to perform here. All shapes and sizes, pretty, too. I couldn't let them distract me from what I needed to do though.

When I got to the club, the place was jumping as usual. Smoke littered the air, and men and women lined the stage as some girl twirled on a pole like she was striving for a gold medal.


He was with three other motherfuckas and they were in VIP throwing money like it was valueless. I sat in a spot near the stage that gave me a direct view of his perpetrating ass. He didn't have money that he could afford to toss around and lose. He had three children, a wife, two girlfriends, and at least three other girls he was fucking. He needed every one of those dollars flying through the air.

The music changed to something slow with a thunderous beat. The lights changed to red and a girl appeared on the stage with heels so damn high I thought she'd bust her ass. Legs so brown I knew they'd be sweet began to move forward. She made a believer out of me when she walked gracefully in those damn shoes. Black lace pants failed to cover the red panties she wore underneath. Satin like her bra, her nipples were hard and shown through. Most of her face was covered by a black lace mask. Long straight black hair hung down to her waist.

She was bad—show-stopping because you were captivated by her sex appeal—bad. Baby was so thick I knew she'd be soft. Her stomach jiggled a little as she moved but that didn't turn me off, the opposite actually. Her confidence shot the rest of these girls into non-existence. Every move was dainty yet sure. A woman who knew how to hold the attention of her audience, she swung around the pole slowly, riding as she moved.

My groin tightened as my dick grew hard. She continued sliding down the pole and then she worked the stage making everybody watch as she moved. She sat in front of the first guy and made him remove her pants. The second guy pulled off her panties to reveal a thong. The third guy removed those to reveal a g-string. Each time she moved closer to me but her eyes never came my way making me itch for just a bit of her attention. Even when she moved directly in front of me, she didn't look my way. She danced facing away from me, drawing me forward. When she turned around, she dropped in front of me, legs open, and pulsed her pussy toward my face.

I could smell her pussy and how aroused she was. Fresh and sweet, I licked my lips wanting a taste. That surprised me since I'd never put my mouth on a stripper. Some of them do a lot more than strip for money. I didn't want to take that risk.

"What's your name?" She asked."Tye," I said but my eyes were focused on her body."You're sexy as hell, Tye." She giggled before she scooted close enough to the stage that I could lick her pussy if I wanted to."You, too," I admitted.

I watched her move her hips, rocking to the music, and putting me in a pussy trance. Her hand slipped between her thighs and she caressed her groin leading down to that sweet-smelling heat of hers. She pulled away and I tried to follow her but the railing that separated us kept me on my side. Her eyes never left mine as she finished her routine. Her hips swayed as she went in for her finale. Then she jumped up on the pole and moved her hips against it as she lowered to the floor.

My eyes were drawn to her body and the way she moved. I wanted to see her face but it was still covered. It wasn't until she left the stage did I remember that I hadn't tipped her sexy ass. Going to the bouncer, I tried to see over him.

"Can I help you?" The tall bald man asked.

"I forgot to tip the dancer," I admitted."Which one?" He folded his arms as if I was lying and he was prepared to catch me in the act.

"The one with the mask.""Laced Dreams?" "That would make sense." Pants, mask, and g-string."You can hand it to me and I'll get it to her. Once she comes backstage there's no seeing her."A guy came from behind a curtain with a smile only money could buy and it gave me an idea."I want a private dance.""The night is almost over. She should be getting dressed.""Why don't you ask her if she wants my money before you say no?" I raised my eyebrow at the man. Irritated with the way he looked at me, I was finished talking to him.

He waved over a man and he came over. He whispered something to him and the man disappeared. We stood there waiting and it dawned on me that I'd completely lost focus. I turned to the corner where Jimmy was to find him gone.

"She said to meet her in room three." The bald man spoke, catching my attention. He nodded to a closed door and I wondered where the curtain was. "I need either a card or five in cash."

Five… Judging by his expression and how he assumed I didn't have it, he meant five thousand. I pulled out a card and handed it to him."Jock will escort you in." The bald man said after Jock tapped the card on the reader and the transaction went through.

I nodded and followed the short chubby guy. Inside the room smelled like clean money. I wasn't the first man ever to come in here but it felt like I'd cut the red tape myself. I sat in the only chair in there and immediately felt like a king on his throne.

The door opened again and two men escorted Laced Dreams inside. They searched me and when everything was good they left us alone. She went over to the panel on the wall and typed something in before the music began low and rhythmic.

"Rules… No kissing. No penetration. No head. No ass slapping. No bruises. No pain. No fucking. No oral."I chuckled. "Head and oral are the same. Penetration and fucking—" "Different things mean different things to different people." She cut me off."You're right. Why don't you tell me what I can do?" For five thousand, I better get something."Touch…" She turned the music up and came over to me where she straddled my lap. She leaned down close to my ear and blew slowly. "You can touch."I gripped her thighs and a moan escaped."Easy, Daddy." She purred."Then show me something." I put my hands behind my head while she began riding me like I was deep inside her wetness.She pushed her breast in my face giving me a mouth-watering view of her cleavage. She wrapped her arm around my neck and put her heat into my lap, pressed against my dick."Shit." I sputtered as arched her back giving me a look at her profile.

Nibbling over her breast and stomach were the thoughts in the front of my mind. She was divine. Then she ground her hips giving me a clue of what she'd be like if we fucked. Her black lace bra and boy shorts were too many clothes for her to be wearing with all the thoughts in my head moving around. And when I was seconds from touching her, she stood up and moved to the stage.

Up there, she danced. Not those stripper moves you saw in the movies, but the ones nobody got to see because you saved them for when you were alone. She touched her body like I wasn't there and that her only job was to seduce herself. She caressed her skin, the lace material that covered her breasts, and even the round slope of her ass.

I leaned forward onto my knees suddenly wishing I had a blunt rolled. Then I remembered the one in my jacket pocket. I fired it up and exhaled the smoke as I watched her. My eyes never left her performance. I took my time to savor the taste of both things. The woman and the blunt seemed to go together. Smooth, intoxicating, mellow, seductive… The songs melted together, blending into the background, though I sang the ones I knew as I smoked, watched, and yearned for a woman that was only here as entertainment.

Laced Dreams came close again. She sat on my lap, leaned back on me, and wrapped her arms around my neck. She swirled her hips, pulled my head to her neck, and I exhaled the smoke from my hit onto her skin."You feel good," I spoke the words just beneath her ear. I wrapped my arm around her waist to pull her closer.

"Thank you." Was she blushing?I let my hand travel the length of exposed skin from her waist, over her breasts, and then up to her neck where I held her by the throat. Laced hissed and then sagged against me."Be nice." She murmured before licking her lips."I am." I nibbled her ear before letting her go. She stood and backed away from me."You're a dangerous man, Tye." She stripped down out of her lingerie nice and slow and left them on the floor as she exited.

I sat in the same spot watching the door she left through. I had no clue how long we'd been in this room. What I did know was that I was rock hard and the captivating woman that had escaped my clutches was still a faceless temptress that I wanted to see again. One I wanted to fuck my frustrations into.

No woman has ever been able to hold my attention the way she has. When she was in my arms, I could feel the connection between us. If it was greater than a physical attraction, I wasn't sure. She was enchanting and the way she became leary of me told me that I wasn't alone in feeling the pull. Stripper or not, I wanted her. Dark brown eyes, cute nose, and mischievous smile… Laced Dreams hadn't seen the last of me.