Bear’s Midlife Surprise by Aline Ash

About the Book:

What happens when a lifelong bachelor and a recent divorcee, both adamant about avoiding relationships, collide in a whirlwind of midlife passion and an unexpected surprise?JanuaryAfter a bitter divorce in her 40s, January swears off love, embracing her newfound freedom. Men are strictly off-limits and she has no regrets, except for one: not having children.When her sister June invites her to a secluded cabin retreat, January agrees cautiously, with one strict condition—no meddling or attempts at matchmaking.But destiny has other plans. A twist of fate lands January in the Greenacre clinic, where Tavish, a magnetic and captivating man, tends to her wounds. In his presence, a spark of attraction ignites, defying January's resolve to stay single.As January battles her conflicted desires,  Tavish unexpectedly shows up at the cabin and June plays Cupid. But their night of passion brings an unforeseen mid-life surprise that changes everything.TavishTavish, a seasoned bachelor among shifters, believed his chance for a mate had long passed. After all, his bear remained silent for years. But when January storms into his life, an undeniable truth is striking—she is the one. The connection is electric, and in an instant, their world transforms.Tavish's bear roars with determination, leading them on a path to a passionate happily-ever-after that will surpass their wildest expectations.But what happens when January and Tavish's destinies entwine in a striking midlife twist?Bear Mates Over Forty” Bear Shifters Series:

Book 1:  Midlife Bear Twins

Book 2:  Midlife Daddy Bear

Book 3: Bear’s Midlife Miracle

Book 4: Bear’s Midlife Surprise

Book 5: Midlife Forgotten Mate