The Sinner and the Gunslinger by Lana Pecherczyk


The age of sin is here…

Chased by evil her whole life, Leila was accused of lighting the fire that killed her beloved foster brother Zeke. Now she’s one of the badass assassins fated to wield holy relics that will stop the apocalypse. But when Zeke turns up alive, handsome as the devil and working for her rivals, she’s forced to confront her worst fear… is she evil? Why else would he fake his death and abandon her?

Burdened by guilt, Zeke joined Team Saint as a gunslinging demon hunter to pursue a path of redemption. He failed everyone in his life… including the only girl he ever loved, his foster sister Leila. When an ancient prophecy drops him back into her life, he realizes he has a second chance at making things right. Easier said than done when she would rather he stayed dead.

As Lilith’s dark plan unfolds, Zeke and Leila are forced together on a desperate quest for a weapon that will stop the Horseman of War. Past wounds reopen, sins are confronted, trust is shattered, and passions ignite. And when lies are circling like sharks, their newly forged love could be the salvation the world needs… or the downfall of them all.

For fans of Buffy and Supernatural, this spicy paranormal romance weaves a tale of second chances, foster sibling bonds, and the struggle to reconcile secrets and lies. If you're drawn to stories of forbidden love, ancient prophecies, demon-hunting road trips, and the power of trust, immerse yourself in this captivating series about bad girls saving the world and the tortured heroes who captivate their hearts.

**Please Note: This series touches on taboo and dark topics, has explicit sexual content, demon-hunting-violence, and is unsuitable for the very young or those sensitive about religion, horror, and demons. HEA guaranteed.