The Vineyard at Painted Moon by Susan Mallery

            “No contact,” she said cheerfully. “Jeremy disappeared before Coop was born. I hear from him every five or six years for five seconds and then he’s gone again. He signed his rights away and he’s never given me a penny.” She smiled. “I say that without bitterness because I’m loving the Stanford dream.”

            Keith grinned. “You’re saying you can be bought for the price of tuition?”

            She smiled back at him. “I can be bought for a whole lot less than that. So why didn’t he tell me about wanting to go to Stanford? Why is he keeping secrets?”

            “He’s becoming a man. He needs his own dreams and plans.”

            “But I’m his mom and he’s my baby boy. Make him stop growing up.”

            “Sorry. Not my superpower.”

            She remembered what it had been like when Coop had been younger. It had been the two of them against the world. “I miss being the most important person in his life, but you’re right. He needs to make his own way. What are the Stanford colors? Will they look good on me?”

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