Give Me Grace (Give Me #3) by Kate McCarthy

In a story of revenge, betrayal, secrets, and love, Casey will need to reconcile his past with his present, before the future he never knew he wanted is snatched away.

Tammy I’m not sure how this book would’ve happened without you. I choked at the start, putting enormous pressure on myself. Casey deserved his story told well and you weren’t letting me do anything less than just that. Thank you so much. Your help with the research, and the plot, along with being the best beta anyone could ever ask for, made this book what it is.

To my editor, Max, and my proofreader, Claire, you both, as always, make my words look so much better than they were originally. Thank you.

My beta team was there through every chapter. Thank you for taking the time to read as I wrote. Kim, Kylie, Barb, Shelley, Trisha, Jo, and Natalie.

Thank you to Ellie at Love N Books and Scott Hoover for helping me find the perfect ‘Casey’ for my cover.

Colby Lefebvre you are an amazing cover model. Thank you.

To Julie and Terrena. My best friends. You’ve always been there for me and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the both of you.

To my sexy fantastic ladies. As always.

To Author 101 and BJ Harvey for being an amazing resource and support.

To all the bloggers and readers who’ve supported me through this writing journey. Thank you so very much.

Kate McCarthy lives in Queensland, Australia.



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