SEAL SALVATION (Brotherhood Protectors Colorado #1) by Elle James


Hank Patterson paced the length of the conference table in the basement of his home in Montana, muttering, “No man left behind.”

“Hey boss,” Axel Svenson, the giant of a Viking, ducked as he descended the steps into the headquarters of one of the finest security firms in the state of Montana.

Hank, a former Navy SEAL, had started the Brotherhood Protectors after he’d rescued movie star Sadie McClain when her bodyguards were less than effective. Since then, he’d married the movie star, had a couple of kids and hired a number of former Army, Navy and Marine special operations, highly-trained operatives, to provide security or conduct dangerous missions where the government wasn’t or couldn’t get involved.

He took pride in the fact he’d helped so many of his military brotherhood find a place to fit into the civilian world.

With a large contingent of his men based in Montana, he needed to create other bases of operations. He’d set up an office in Hawaii, where former SEAL Jace “Hawk” Hawkins was the only man currently handling business there. He and some of his men had discussed other locations, including Washington, DC, New Orleans, Atlanta, New York City and Colorado.

Having grown up on a ranch, Hank liked the idea of setting up another location in an area much like his beloved Montana. Now, all he needed was to find the men to run the location.

“Hey, Hank,” a familiar voice sounded from the staircase. “What’s up?”

Hank lifted his chin toward Joseph “Kujo” Kuntz. “Sorry to take you away from your family on a Sunday.”

Kujo descended the stairs, followed by his retired Military Working Dog, Six. “No problem. Molly had to go to her office in Bozeman to pick up some files and check in with her supervisor.”

Hank smiled. “How’s the pregnancy going?”

Kujo shoved a hand through his hair. “First three months were a bitch with morning sickness, but she’s feeling good now.”

“Will she continue to work for the FBI after the baby is born?” Hank asked.

Kujo’s lips twisted, and his brow dipped. “Much as I’d like her to quit and raise our baby, it wouldn’t be fair to ask her to do that. She’s good at her job.”

“And you and Six are good at yours.” Hank’s brow rose. “You’re not considering quitting, are you?”

Kujo laughed. “No way. But we’re in the process of interviewing nannies.”

Hank nodded. “Glad to hear it. You’re a vital member of the team, here.”

“Thanks,” Kujo said. “I’m sure you didn’t invite me here to ask about morning sickness and babies. You’ve got your hands full with your own children, one of which is a newborn, probably keeping you awake at night.”

“Truth.” Hank’s smile slipped. “Think you can get away for a couple weeks before the baby is born?”

Kujo nodded slowly. “Where did you have in mind?”

Hank nodded his head toward the white board on the wall where a computer image of a state was projected. “I’ve got a lead on a location for our new office.”

Kujo stepped closer. “New office? Where?”

“Your old stomping grounds,” Hank said. “Colorado.”

A grin spread across Kujo’s face. “That’s great.” As soon as the grin came it faded. “Only, I can’t be gone for long with Molly being pregnant.”

Hank nodded. “I don’t want you to move out there permanently. I just need you to get out there, set up shop and hire a few good men, keeping in mind that one of them will head up the location.”

“I hate to be gone so long from Molly,” Kujo said. “If it’s okay with her, I can give you a few weeks. She’s only four months along, which gives me a little time that I can be away.”

“I wanted to be with Sadie every day of her pregnancy,” Hank said.

“I’d like to be with Molly every day of hers. But if you need me to go to Colorado, now would be better than later this year.”

Hank nodded. “Good. And I have someone in mind for leading the new team out there.” His brow wrinkled. “Only he’s a work in progress.”

Kujo frowned. “What do you mean…work in progress?”

Hank sighed. “Not only has he lost a leg, he’s lost his way.”

Kujo’s eyes narrowed. “I can understand. I was at my lowest when you offered me a job. If it hadn’t been for you and the Brotherhood Protectors…” Kujo shook his head, his hand going automatically to Six’s head.