By the Numbers (Love Logic #3) by K.M. Neuhold

When Elijah first mentioned that Alex was looking for a roommate, I almost turned the idea down flat, the memories of the too-young-looking nerd with the cute smile and the punny t-shirt dancing in my mind. Loneliness drove me to make enough bad choices last year, and I promised myself I’d be smarter once I got out here to California. So far, so good, and I’m not about to break that streak by doing something stupid like hitting on my roommate.

Friendship is all that makes sense between us, and if I’m in the bad habit of ogling my friends, well, it’s something I need to work on.

Alex returns from the kitchen with a fresh bowl of popcorn and sits back down. He offers the bowl, and I jokingly open my mouth and point at it. He raises his eyebrows and picks up a piece, closing one eye and checking his aim.

“Trigonometry, physics, just the right calculations and…” He launches the piece directly into my open mouth, and I crunch down on it with a smirk. “Bullseye,” Alex says smugly.

“That can’t be that hard.” I reach for a piece, and he opens his mouth. But apparently, it’s not as easy as he made it look. My first try bounces off his nose, the next his chin, a few graze the rim of his mouth before tumbling onto his lap. The fact that he’s laughing hysterically and not even attempting to hold still doesn’t help matters, and by the sixth or seventh try, I’m not even genuinely trying to get them in his mouth, I’m just chucking popcorn at him for the fun of it.

More popcorn ends up on the floor and in our laps than in our mouths, and we end up goofing around and talking more than watching the movie…it’s nice. When the movie ends, I haul myself off the couch, an avalanche of popcorn falling from my lap to the floor, and shuffle into the kitchen to grab the broom and dust pan.

Alex follows behind me, putting the bowl into the dishwasher and then leaning against the counter to look at me.

“Thanks for hanging out tonight; it was fun,” he says.

I nod. “It was. I know we ended up living together because we have mutual friends, but I think we could end up being friends too.”

A fresh smile tilts the edges of his mouth. “I’d like that.” His eyes are still on me as he pushes off the counter. “Sleep well,” he says before slipping past me to head down the hall to his bedroom.

“You too,” I call after him.

Chapter 2


I furrow my brow in concentration, moving my pencil over the lined paper. My professor’s voice a dull drone, barely penetrating my conscious thought, but still seeping into the deeper recesses of my mind without any effort. I huff in frustration and flip my pencil over to erase my mistake, and then make another attempt.

A sharp elbow catches me in the side, and I look up from the almost perfect rough sketch of a cock in the margins of my notes that has been occupying me for the past twenty minutes.

“Mr. Monroe,” the professor says again, fixing me with a look. “Do you have an answer?”

Elijah’s eyes go wide, his cheek turning pink, even though he’s not the one being addressed. His glasses slip down his nose; he pushes them back into place and then attempts to mouth the answer to me. I wave him off and respond to Professor Keagan.

“Forty-thousand kilometers per hour.”

The professor nods and turns back to the smart board. Next to me, my friend breathes a sigh of relief.

“I didn’t think you were paying attention,” he whispers, darting a glance at my paper, the blush on his face deepening when he sees the sketch of the still not totally perfect erect cock. I’m not sure what there is for him to be so embarrassed about. He has a boyfriend; I’m sure he’s seen a dick before. Not to mention, I assume he also has a dick that he’s probably seen. Although, assuming can be a hazardous pasttime. For all I know, neither Elijah nor Pax have penises. It’s not exactly my business either way.

I shrug and erase the poor shading before trying again. “I’m listening as much as I need to be.”

I never did get around to studying over the weekend. But so far, I could practically teach this class. More people should read the textbook, all the information is right there.

I grin with satisfaction when I finally manage to capture the true beauty of a nicely proportioned, delightfully erect cock.

When I woke up Sunday morning, my ass still sore from the night before, I laid in bed, contemplating my poor decision making regarding my sex life over the past year. I came to the conclusion that it’s time I take a step back to re-evaluate my approach. Based on my preoccupation only thirty hours later with the perfect dick, this may be more challenging than I initially thought.