Lyrics on the Wind Lyrics on the Wind (Lost Kings MC #17) by Autumn Jones Lake


Grinder: Rock’s mentor. Grinder is an older member who we met briefly in Corrupting Cinderella and have seen or heard about a few other times throughout the series. He’s been incarcerated since right before Rock took over the Lost Kings MC.

Cronin “Sparky” Petek: Sparky is the mad genius/hippie stoner behind the Lost Kings MC’s pot-growing business. He is rarely seen outside of the basement, as he prefers the company of his plants.

Elias “Bricks” Serrano: We have seen Bricks and his girlfriend Winter throughout the series. He’s one of the few members who does not live at the clubhouse.

Sam “Stash” Black: Lives in the basement with Sparky and helps with the plants.

Thomas “Ravage” Kane: We’ve gotten to know Rav and his snarky humor a little bit better in each book. Ravage is a general member who helps out wherever he is needed.

Sway: Former president of the downstate charter of the Lost Kings MC. We’ve seen Sway and his wife Tawny off and on in the series since Strength From Loyalty, usually annoying Rock in some fashion.

Hoot: We’ve seen glimpses of him since Slow Burn when he was a lowly prospect. He finally got his full patch, but still gets a lot of the grunt work.

Birch: We also met him as a prospect. He’s been voted as a full-patch member but shares in a lot of the grunt work with Hoot.

Priest: The Lost Kings MC’s national president. We first met him and his wife, Valentina, in After Burn.

Malik: Soon-to-be prospect for the Lost Kings MC. Helps out at Crystal Ball. Owns the Lucky Duck pawnshop in Ironworks.


Hope Kendall North, Esq.: Nicknamed First Lady by Murphy in Corrupting Cinderella (Lost Kings MC #2), Hope is the object of Rock’s love and obsession. Their daughter is named Grace after Rock’s mother.

Trinity Hurst Ramsey: Wrath’s angel. Former caretaker of the club. She now has her own photography and graphic design business. She is married to Wrath, fiercely loyal to the club, and best friends with Hope.

Heidi “Little Hammer” O’Callaghan: Murphy’s wife and Teller’s little sister. Heidi just graduated from college and works at Empire Med. Murphy officially adopted her daughter, Alexa Jade.

Charlotte Clark, Esq: Teller’s sunshine. Often credited with taming the brooding treasurer of the Lost Kings, Teller.

Lilly Frazier: Z’s brave and devoted siren. The new queen of the Lost Kings MC’s downstate charter. One of Hope’s best friends. Z and Lilly’s son is named Chance.

Shelby Morgan: Rooster’s sassy little chickadee. Country music singer from Texas. We first met Shelby in Swagger and Sass.

Swan: Lost Kings MC club girl and dancer at Crystal Ball. Swan has found a new calling as the yoga teacher for the old ladies of the Lost Kings MC and is slowly moving away from dancing at Crystal Ball.

Willow: Bartender at Crystal Ball, but once or twice we’ve caught her sneaking in or out of the basement with Sparky.

Serena: Former downstate club girl, still a little broken-hearted over Murphy. Abused by Shadow, the former VP of the downstate charter. We have not seen her since Zero Regret.

Tawny: Sway’s ol’ lady. The former “Queen B” of the downstate charter of the Lost Kings MC.

Stella: Pornographic film actress. The downstate charter is the sole investor in her production company. Ex-girlfriend of Z. Current…something of Sway. Her Sex in Every City series sometimes requires members of LOKI to work as bouncers on her film sets.

Anya Regal: Porn princess of the Lost Kings MC, Virginia charter.

Shonda: Club girl from the Lost Kings, MC Virginia charter.


Russell “Chaser” Adams: President of the Devil Demons MC in Western NY. (The Hollywood Demons series contains his story.)

Mallory “Little Dove” DeLova-Adams: Chaser’s wife. Daughter of mafia boss Anatoly DeLova.

Linden “Stump” Adams: Chaser’s father. Former president of the Devil Demons MC.

Anatoly DeLova: Mallory’s father. Leader of Russian mafia. Sometime business associate of the Lost Kings MC.

Carter Clark: Charlotte’s goofy, often inappropriate, younger brother.

Remington “Ruthless” Holt: Owns “The Castle” with his best friend, Griff. It’s an underground fighting ring Murphy used to participate in. We’ve seen him most recently in White Lies. Caretaker of his younger sister, Molly. Considering forming a support club to the Lost Kings MC with Griff, Eraser, and Vapor.